Take Action!   

Most Pesticide Drift Incidents Go Unreported

Make THIS the year you fight for your right to live pesticide free.

Every pesticide drift incident that goes unreported is an incident that never happened in the eyes of the Illinois Department of Agriculture.    

If you feel you have been a victim of pesticide drift, please TAKE ACTION and report the incident to the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

*  Drift can occur in light or heavy wind - 5 mph, 10 mph, etc.  

*  If you smell the pesticide, drift is happening!

*  Drift can happen in your own yard, school, while driving down the road

*  Pesticides are not allowed to leave the "target area". 

*  Make applicators follow the rules - report the incident by filing a complaint!


Pesticide drift is not something you are expected to tolerate or ignore
NO MATTER where you live, work, garden, drive or recreate.


It is a violation of the Illinois Pesticide Act if pesticides move off the target area.  If you suspect drift has occurred, TAKE ACTION!